Comfort in connection

Katrina DowlingWednesday Rest

We had to say goodbye to two of our friends who died recently. One death, just before Easter, was expected and prepared-for; the other, this week, was sudden and unexpected. It adds to the experience of bereavement a shock to our sense of expectation and continuity. It’s like having a book taken from your hands abruptly instead of reading to the story’s conclusion.

One of the things that encourages us at the moment is the continuing sense of connection: between us who are present to each other now; in the community, which extends through time, past, present and future; and between us and God. Next Wednesday Rest (28th May) is particularly focused on connection, and it’s extra-accessible for those who don’t often attend, because the periods of silent prayer are not very long. We’ll also have some quiet music during our meditation time.

Wednesday Rest: devotions and quiet prayer. Weekly, 7:30-8pm in the church.