Fiesta is coming!

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Fiesta 2019 – Saturday 23rd March, 11am-4pm

The Autumn Fiesta is back for 2019. Bargains galore, delicious food and something for everyone awaits. Come along and join the fun!


Home-made goodies

Jams, preserves, cakes and biscuits, all home made and delicious. Gluten free and low GI options available.


Fun for the kids

Fun activities for children including ‘lob a choc’, a jumping castle and animal farm.


Food and coffee

A range of options including Chinese food, sausage sizzle, Devonshire teas and ‘Sir Hamlet’ espresso van.


Bargains galore

Traditional ‘White Elephant’, books, mags, music and DVDs, craft, clothing, jewellery and more!

...and so much more!

Minor Prophets Series

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By see en:Aleppo Codex; scanned by –, Public Domain,

This week begins our series on the books of the 12 minor prophets. These books and the prophets for which they are named are minor only in length. Their significance is indicated by their place in the Hebrew Bible alongside the longer writings of prophetic giants Isaiah and Jeremiah, and confirmed by the passionate and pointed style of their message. The books range in date from the mid 8th Century BCE to the 6th Century BCE, though there is debate among scholars about the precise dating of some books, particularly Joel, Jonah and Obadiah, which contain no definitive clues about the time in which they were written. While their context is historically distant and their deeply religious language swings between poetry and polemic (and sometimes is both), the behaviours they rail against are disturbingly relevant, both within and beyond religion. In reading these ‘minor’ prophets we risk discovering that their exhortations to their audience to change their priorities and actions are as necessary and confronting today as they were in the prophet’s day.

Celebrating flora and fauna Sunday

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This Sunday, the 30th of June, St Luke’s will be celebrating Flora and Fauna Sunday as part of the Season of Creation. As the seasons change, so we take a Sunday to reflect on our connection to the creation around us, seeking to connect our worship of God with our appreciation of creation, and our discipleship with our treatment of the non-human life with which we share our planet.

You’re warmly invited to join us in this time of celebration, reflection and gratitude.

Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla), Mount Waverley. Photo Copyright Megan Haysom
Twin bonnets rising from the leaf-litter. Photo Copyright Megan Haysom

The Creeds – are they relevant?

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Nicene creed in Latin. Found at Mere Inkling Blog

On Saturday 25th May, at High Street Road Uniting Church, Dr Geoff Thompson will lead a workshop to consider the relevance of the Creeds within our Uniting Church context in the 21st century. Dr Thompson is Coordinator of Studies – Systematic Theology at Pilgrim Theological College. This engaging and informative event and will include:
• The Basis of Union and the creeds.
• Apostles’ & Nicene Creeds: history, theology, significance.
• More recent confessions of faith – how the UCA might use them.
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.
Please bring your own lunch.

Holy Week Labyrinth

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Labyrinth Meditations for Holy Week
Mon 15th – Wed 17th April, 10am-noon.
Tue 16th & Wed 17th April, 7-9pm

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week, a labyrinth will be available in the Church to facilitate personal reflection, prayer and meditation. Anyone who is interested is invited to come and walk the labyrinth.

Labyrinths have been used by Christians for centuries as a kind of pilgrimage – a physical and spiritual journey which changes you as you walk it. Formed by pews where people would typically sit, this labyrinth will have an inward and outward journey, with stations along the way to allow participants to engage with the readings of the day through image, touch, writing, drawing and sculpting.

While the labyrinth will be open for 2 hours at a time, participants are invited to walk it at their own pace, engaging as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Guidance to use the labyrinth will be available for those who would find it helpful, and the minister will be available to pray and talk with anyone who needs to debrief or further explore any discoveries on the labyrinth journey.

Flinders Quartet Concert

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Flinders Quartet performed a marvellous concert today, featuring a brand new work from Melbourne composer, Matthew Laing. The work, called ‘Out of Hibernation’ explored the experience of existence and change from animal and human perspectives and it was a delight to hear Matthew speak about the work, as it deepened the experience for the audience. Bookending ‘Out of Hibernation’ were Haydn’s String Quartet Op. 64, No. 3  and Robert Schumann’s String Quartet No. 3 in A major, Op. 41, No. 3. Flinders Quartet’s deep connectedness to the music and to one another’s playing was on display, along with virtuosity and flexibility of technique. It was a wonderful concert and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who came. Head over to Facebook and like our page to make sure you never miss a St Luke’s event, and below is a brief video of Flinders Quartet enjoying Schumann.