St Luke’s had its beginnings in Surrey Road when the foresight, dedication and energy of six families worked tirelessly to establish a small Presbyterian church in Surrey Road, Mount Waverley in the early 1960s.  By October, 1963 the small wooden worship centre for this developing congregation was moved from Surrey Road to the present site in Essex Road.  In addition, a Kindergarten Hall was erected on the same site.

The Church had reached a ‘Full Charge’ status in 1967, and could then ‘call’ a Minister. In 1973, an almost unanimous vote by the congregation saw it enter into Union with the Methodist and Congregational churches forming the Uniting Church of Australia. In 1990, the little wooden church was replaced by the present suite of buildings.

The old wooden church exterior

The old wooden church – interior

 St Luke’s celebrated its 50th Anniversary in December 2010.

Ministry at St Luke’s since 1960

 Rev James Douglas 2013-James cropped2