If ye love me

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In our composer-focussed service on 14 May, one of our musicians shared this thought about polyphonic music (that is, music with more than one interdependent vocal line): What I love about singing a cappella [unaccompanied] … Read More

The Art of Hymn Playing

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I heard some of our team of musicians chatting about how they map out organ registration in order to engage the congregation when we sing hymns, and I asked Michael Watkins to share some of … Read More

Alive sound

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Have you noticed that a church is not a concert hall? I confess I often blur the two in my mind when I think about sound, envisaging that to get a good sound for music … Read More

Rejoice! I’m gonna say it again…

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We said it again last Sunday with The Mustard Seeds’ rendition of the carol “Gaudete!” Fresh from a workshop with our in-house orchestral percussionist (thanks Clare!), choir members devised their own accompaniment using triangle, bells … Read More

Ye gates, lift up your heads

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Recently we explored the meaning of antiphon and antiphonal in Sound returning sound. My basic definition of antiphonal music as we now us the term, and as it has been used for much of its … Read More

Pause and Rest

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Today I glanced at a page of sheet music and my attention was captured by a tiny part of the page that suggested a sort of pun – a pause and a rest together. A … Read More