The joy of practising workshop

James DouglasUncategorized

We’ve had the pleasure of musicologist and congregation member, Katrina Dowling, leading us through our attitudes to and experience of practise.


We’ve been enlightened with the four principles of practise:

  • Enjoyable
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Sustainable

We shared ideas about how to make practise enjoyable and efficient, though none of us were in danger of making practise unsustainable. After exploring some of the factors that inhibit practise, we came to making practise effective.
Define a specific goal at an appropriate level
Do with the goal in mind
Evaluate against your goals
Respond – decide what to do or change. Repeat.
We learned that failure is essential.
Ever tried
Ever failed
No matter
Try again
Fail again
Fail better.
Samuel Beckett.

Many thanks to Katrina for her great leading, and to the participants for sharing you’re struggles and hints with practise.