Advent Daily Devotion, Friday 19th December

James DouglasUncategorized


Psalm 54
Isaiah 10:5-19
2 Peter 2:17-22
Matt 11:2-15
When I was young, I thought prophets predicted the future, like fortune tellers for a whole country. It’s only as an adult that I’ve come to realise that the work of a prophet was and is the telling of truth, and rarely comfortable truth. The paradise of peace which we express a longing for cannot come while we continue to regard with fear those who are different, or give reason for those who are different to fear us. The group #lovemakesaway is a collection of Christian people committed to risking imprisonment to raise the profile of children in detention and reduce the fear of refugees and asylum seekers in our community. Their work, like the work of any prophet, will be done when the truth they proclaim becomes fact. When the truth that no child should be imprisoned is matched by the fact of no child being in detention, then the prophecy will be fulfilled. In the meantime, the prophetic adventure of telling truth to power continues. What prophetic truth do you long to see fulfilled?