Advent Daily Devotion Monday 1st December

James DouglasUncategorized


Isaiah 1: 10-20.  “learn to do good; seek justice rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow”.

Luke 20: 1-8 ” neither will I tell you by what authority I am doing these things”.


According to Isaiah, the preoccupation with form and observances of religion without living a godly life is an anathema to God. God desires us to be actively involved in doing good. We are to seek justice, to rescue, to defend, to plead. With so many sad or evil things happening world wide assaulting our senses daily in the media it is easy to put up a barrier to shield our own emotions. It is too hard!

In the Luke passage, Jesus uses politician rhetoric to give the religious leaders the answer they deserved.

We are being manipulated by political rhetoric and expedience from most political leaders, as we watch more and more draconian laws being enacted against a few asylum seekers. More than 90% of them are legitimate refugees. We are ashamed and feel helpless. Our politicians say that the majority of we Australians are in favour of the way we are treating these people, these little children.

Perhaps this Advent we should seek for justice, defend and plead on behalf of these people whom we are destroying in their time of vulnerability. Action in some form, as Isaiah suggests, can be an antidote to the anxiety/ fear of helplessness.

J Burman