Advent Daily Devotion Thursday 4th December

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Psalm 18:1-20

Isaiah 2:12-22

1 Thessalonians 3:1-13

Luke 20:27-40

 A reflection on Psalm 18: 1-20

How rich are the Psalms. They evoke so many images of God. In Psalm 18 God is described as a majestic, powerful God, terrifying in God’s glory, a God of justice who expresses anger at injustice and wrongdoing. But God is also merciful, nurturing, faithful and protective, a God who understands our human condition and to whom we can bring our innermost fears, concerns and confessions.

What a comforting thought that has been throughout my adult life. There has been no point trying to hide anything from God, for there is nothing God does not know.

As many people know, Kevin had a stroke when we were holidaying in our caravan at Mallacoota. At that time when “the danger of death” was around Kevin, when the doctor could not tell whether Kevin may have a second and fatal stroke in the next 24 hours, our helplessness overwhelmed me.

Kevin had always been responsible for making sure the caravan was properly hitched to the car, had always checked that it was loaded correctly, had always backed it into position. Now it was up to me to take the family and the caravan to Orbost where Kevin had been taken to hospital, then eventually to     take us home. The task of caring for Kevin and our children seemed beyond me, and all I could do was call to God as the psalmist did.

Every time that feeling of panic arose I pleaded with God to be with us, to still the fears, the nightmares. The children needed a calm mother to care for them. The future was suddenly unknown, so all we could do was to plan for the moment ahead and pray for strength to cope. And God did not ever let us down. Indeed God was our “strong fortress”, with God we were safe as the psalmist proclaimed. What more can anyone want or need in the journey through life?

How immeasurably wonderful is our God

J Bumpstead