Lent – 1st reading for discipleship reflections

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Today is the first day of my Lenten discipline of posting a reading and brief reflection. Obviously, I’m running to the wire. As usual.

The reading is Mark 1:1-13.

The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God…

It begins with Isaiah, then John, and eventually Jesus. Jesus’ story doesn’t begin with him and it won’t end with him. My story began with my parent’s desire to have six children, it continued with my older siblings, then my younger brother. My story won’t end with me – the family and friends who are part of my story have me as part of theirs and I’m sure at least one or two will outlive me. How long my story goes on is less important than the realisation that it’s not my story, but my part of the story of the world. My existence is contingent on the rest of the world, and so is ‘my’ story. The good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God begins with a sharing in our contingency. The God who needs nothing, relies on no-one; the unmoved mover, the creator of all, joins in our contingent life, becoming vulnerable to other people’s decisions; so vulnerable it will cost his life.