Lent – 3rd reading for discipleship reflections

James DouglasUncategorized

The reading: Mark 1:21-28

Day three and we’re still in Mark’s first chapter, but lots is happening. We get our first mention of Capernaum, the village on the northern shores of the sea of Galilee that is Jesus’ home base in Mark’s gospel. We also get Jesus’ first teaching in the Synagogue. I love the way Mark depicts people’s amazement at Jesus’ teaching – he speaks with authority and will use that authority to not only amaze people but to help and heal them. I would love, as a preacher, to have people be amazed at my preaching, or better yet, healed by it, but I realise when I think like that, I’m wanting it to be about me and how good I am. One of the characteristics of Jesus throughout the gospels is that he isn’t about himself, at all. He consistently draws people’s attention to the reign of God that he’s bringing, ‘the Kingdom’; the God who loves all, ‘the Father’; and the plight of those who are excluded from the kingdoms of our world, ‘the poor’. Maybe when I learn to live like that I’ll find Jesus’ authority reflected in me.