Touch in music and mystery

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We use embodied metaphor to talk about knowing, thinking and experiencing. Just a few of the almost countless examples: see the point hold something up to scrutiny chew over an idea savour an experience digest … Read More

Practising the presence of us

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Here’s a problem most of us can relate to if we ever take on a special role in worship, such as reading, acting a tableau or saying a prayer. A novice musician admits: “I have … Read More

Focus on grace

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“Amazing grace (how sweet the sound)” is one of the most widely loved spiritual songs. The Mustard Seeds have two special versions of “Amazing grace” in our repertoire so far, and each takes the song … Read More

Why we are musicians

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How do we respond when someone puts the entire liturgy for a service in our hands? In the case of the first musician-led service at St Luke’s (coming on 23 August), one of the first … Read More

How long, O Lord

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For the first three weeks in August 2015 we have a special lectionary series on the book of Job, and it’s accompanied by a study that our ministry team has called “Listening generously/ Living in … Read More

Season of Creation and the Evergreen God

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In our Season of Creation services this year, we introduce Ross Langmead’s very pretty sung blessing “Evergreen God.” Langmead was inspired by Eckhart’s understanding of our spiritual growth proceeding cyclically through different paths. Eckhart summed them … Read More