Remembering a musical life

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Organ Lamp


Memorial for Aileen Penman

It is nearly 12 months since Aileen Penman, long time organist at St Luke’s and devoted member of the congregation, died. The Worship Ministry Group has been deliberating about a suitable memorial remembering her faithful provision of music in this congregation for more than 20 years.

A brass light to illuminate music on the organ has been chosen. This will have a plaque attached reminding us of Aileen.

Many members of the congregation may wish to contribute to this solid brass lamp on an oak base, made especially for us in USA. The manufacturer was recommended by Bernie’s Musicland as suitable lamps are not available here. A photo of the type of lamp that we have ordered is shown above. Due to the high quality design, low volume of sales and low exchange rate with the USA the lamp costs $500. Contributions should be placed in an envelope marked ‘Aileen’ and added to the collection plate over the next few weeks.

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