Grassroots music

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On Sunday 7 May we celebrate ‘Land’ Sunday in Season of Creation, so let’s consider grassroots music in church – you might also think of ‘grassroots music’ as folk music.

The soundtrack of the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? is pervaded with grassroots music of Northern America – you can listen to an interview with T-Bone Burnett, on NPR’s all songs considered, and play some of the songs from the 10th anniversary recording.

In the movie, there is a touching scene in which grassroots music both encapsulates and stirs the men’s impulse towards faith and freedom: the ‘down in the river to pray’ scene. This is a style of music that speaks to many at St Luke’s as well, and we’ve enjoyed singing it in our own harmonisations. Alison Krauss’ version in O Brother, Where Art Thou? is beautiful. Can you think of a better musical setting for this scene?

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