Grassroots music

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On Sunday 7 May we celebrate ‘Land’ Sunday in Season of Creation, so let’s consider grassroots music in church – you might also think of ‘grassroots music’ as folk music. The soundtrack of the film … Read More

Tell out, my soul

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Franz Anton Maulbertsch: Visitation (detail), c.1771-1777

This week we’re singing Timothy Dudley-Smith’s metrical setting of the Magnificat, “Tell out, my soul.” The text of the Magnificat, from Luke’s Gospel, is usually read in Advent, and, although in many traditions it’s part … Read More

Breaking through structure

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We’re heading towards Easter and the celebration of good news and transformation. In our Lenten study we’re up to the later chapters of Matthew’s telling of the Good News, and we have entered the portion … Read More


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Let’s hear the song “Khumbaya,” but not the song as you might know it from Guides and Scouts and campfire singing. In fact, I’ll suggest that it can be a model of liturgical prayer. The familiar campfire … Read More

Love knocks and waits for us to hear

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Bossa nova means “new style” but it comes organically out of Brazilian genres such as samba; “new” does not mean completely different, but a new flowering from the same branch. Bossa nova has the same … Read More


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This is a strange aspect of music ministry. In two separate occasions within a week, people looked to me, as music director of the local church, to confirm whether certain behaviours among the congregation show … Read More

Brighter than the sun

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The concept that Christ is ‘brighter than the sun” has special force now. Epiphany is the season of revelation, with light being the preeminent symbol of God’s revealed presence in the world. In the Northern … Read More

How to come and adore

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In the Christmas season, singing “O come let us adore him…” reminds me of devotional (visual) art, which gives the viewer some ways to come and adore, typically: Figures in the image look at or … Read More